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Elevating ambitious leaders and entrepreneurs make major shifts in their Wellness and Leadership is truly my passion.  

By implementing powerful tools & strategies to break free permanently from core blocks keeping you stuck, activate your unique influence and leadership style, and empower action that is aligned with your SOUL-Purpose that you were meant for.

Ultimately... YOUR LEGACY!

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I do not believe in the popular narrative that you start with the “physical” realm of Wellness nor the “mainstream” platform of Leadership to create the shifts you desire in your life.



Wellness needs to be in Leadership.

Leadership needs to be in Wellness.

Wellness + Leadership is the DYNAMIC DUO to become Unstoppable in the life, the impact you desire.

Wellness + Leadership is emotional, intuitive and emotionally intelligent.

No matter your area of life you are struggling with 

(ya know, the one thing you wake up to in the middle of the night and wondering if it will ever get better)

Guess what? You weren’t meant to stay there and keep struggling!  

And I see too many people STAY there.  

BUT I also believe they don’t want to and deep, deep down they have HOPE they don’t have to.

If you are still on this page, I am assuming you have at least a BIT of hope and that’s enough to start with.

Living your life on a “hamster” wheel does NOT have to be your story anymore.   

BUT a “little” Secret I am going to share with you…

The “stuck”… the feeling of no matter what you do it just keeps being the same… has to do with CORE BLOCKS that are limiting your progress forward into the life, the LEGACY you want…the one that keeps calling to you EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

What are core blocks? They can be child hood dynamics, generational blocks, past small and big traumas that create a belief/a thought/an EMOTION and ultimately a behavior that isn’t aligned with the life you want and you were created for!   

And yes, these blocks are the reason why we stay where we stay. 

First, understand your core blocks are powerful!  

They live in the subconscious and are truly “driving the bus.” They effect every area of your life. 

Including: Health, Relationships, Wealth, Career, and more. 

The KEY is breaking free from the BLOCK thus creating potential for true alignment in mind/body/soul.


Second, now seeing the REAL YOU with the SARAN WRAP off we get to fan your unique identity, gifts, intuition, emotional intelligence and the INFLUENCE you were created for with a bit of “hustle” and a lot of “flow.”

We get to activate the way you want to show up AUTHENTICALLY to Seek Truth, Speak Truth & Lead SELF + TEAM in your vision/mission.


Third, we get to create empowered action that is aligned with your living LEGACY (aka: the career, the relationships, the money, the IMPACT) you were made for.

And GUESS what?…is already there! 

The Creator is just waiting for you to catch up. ;)

Jennifer's current offerings to support you in Your Health + Your Leadership + Your Legacy Journey:

Coaching With Jennifer!

Influential Leader Coaching (Group)

  • Exclusive: Learn First Hand How to Become an Influential Leader in Your Business
    with Jennifer Watson

  • Discover how to increase productivity, sales, communication, and influence when you commit to just 4 months of this powerful Leadership Program…

  • Join me this April 2022, to build an unstoppable business.

  • ACTIVATE the Influential Leader you were created for.

  • AMPLIFY your Purpose, Prosperity, Peace and work from anywhere around the world, doing what you want, when you want to do it.


One-On-One Transformational Coaching with Jennifer

  • Jennifer implements powerful frameworks & strategies to permanently break free from core blocks keeping you stuck, activate your unique influence and leadership style, and empower action that is aligned with your Soul Purpose - the Living Legacy that you were meant for.
  • Heal core wounds while increasing emotional + mental bandwidth.
  • Optimize your intuition + communication/speaking style while eliminating procrastination, self-sabotage, and overwhelm.
  • Activate your deeper purpose of impact while creating consistent clarity + confidence + behaviors that are aligned with your vision.


CEO --> TEAM Coaching with Jennifer

The LEGACY PROJECT for the CONSCIOUS CEO:  Leadership + Wellness Mastery


  • Experienced + Conscious Business Leader

  • Difficulty with fanning old or new gifts, personality, passions and INFLUENCE

  • Unsure if you are leading yourself or team optimally to create the optimal IMPACT

  • Lacking clarity and action steps on vision & mission for your business 

  • Experiencing a “lull” in work environment with decrease self & team connectivity, productivity, communication and cultural optimization

  • Your career just doesn’t feel like your “playground” anymore

This program is for you..


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Self-Guided Online Course With Jennifer!

Soul Health Blueprint


Utilizing Transformational Wellness Tools + Intuitive & Spiritual Management to create…

Healthy Mind + Healthy Gut=HEALTHY and EPIC LIFE

(and yes, achieve your #1 HEALTH & LIFE goal you thought you’d never get!)

  •  6-week Program (1 Module per week)

  •  3 Scheduled Group Coaching Calls

  •  Soul Health Blueprint Facebook Group


One-on-One Coaching with Jennifer Watson

Your Health + Your Leadership + Your Legacy

A 6-month MIND-BODY Transformation to live the life you were meant for. Physical Health Screen & Body Work, Mental Health + Post-Trauma Growth, and Spiritual/Intuitive Health/Soul-Re-alignment that resonates with your goals/gifts/purpose

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